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Closed Circuit Television Systems serve as a reliable tool to view and record all incidents that occur which may go unseen otherwise. Cameras are available in many variations to serve all needs such as covert, vandal resistant, pan/tilt/zoom, dome, fixed, thermal / infrared, etc. Multiplexers allow simultaneous recording of camera shots so no occurrence is missed. Hard disk recorders allow several GB’s of recorded storage for archiving with the ability to switch out the hard drive with a fresh replacement. Video monitors connect with the multiplexer so one can view live shots while they are being recorded. Playback of previously recorded events can be viewed on monitors as well. CCTV can transmit over coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, CAT-5 telephone wire or wireless microwave.

Access Control Systems allow the accountability of employees or members entering and exiting a building or interior offices. The computer database is set up to allow or deny the access to designated areas. An access control system can be integrated with an alarm system to notify a dispatch office of an area that is potentially being accessed by unauthorized personnel. It can offer a real time status summary of all events on a single user interface. Alarms are sorted and displayed according to priority with a color coded format and audible alarms to offer an overview of the status of entire system.

Alarm/Detection Systems alone are designed to protect a premise with various alarm components when armed. These components can be motion detectors, door/window sensors, sound sensors and smoke or heat detectors. An alarm system can be integrated with a CCTV system to activate recording when motion is detected or as noted above with access control.

Gated Entry Systems are utilized for traffic control. A fixed keypad can be provided for drivers to enter a code to activate gate to open for entry. Drive loops can be installed to automatically activate gate to open when vehicle approaches. Gates can be programmed for access within certain hours or days of the week and can be integrated with access control systems.

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